The Associate Board (AB) is a group of passionate volunteers who oversee operations of the Minds Matter Boston Chapter. Joining the Associate Board is an excellent way to gain operational experience at a non-profit organization and develop your professional skills, while giving back to your community in a meaningful way. The level of commitment and responsibility of AB members varies by position, and all are integral to the success of the chapter.

2019-20 Associate Board

We are thrilled to announce the members of our 2019-2020 Associate Board!

2019-20 Volunteer Leadership Team:

Sophomore Team Leads:
Rich Freeman, Oderah Obukwelu, Emmanuel Elsar Jr.

Junior Team Leads:
Holly Robinson, Katharine Tomalonis

Senior Team Leads:
Tori Esposito, Phenix Zuck, Simon Whitelaw

Summer Programs:
Ashley Medlar (Director), Meg Anderson, Ian Drake, Frank Ulip, Alex Flessas, Hong Tran

Mentee Recruiting:
Sinead O’Brien (Director), Samantha Carter, Katie Nolan, Dennis Tan

Mentor Recruiting:
Emily Ren (Director), Marta Stepien, Victor Cox, Meaghan Burke, Benjamin Robinson

Managers of Volunteer Engagement:
Emily Wickstrom, Elan Dweck

Alumni Program:
Lauren O’Halloran, Ashley Lacey, Kellen Scarpitto

Director of Finance:
Bryce Albin

Director of Financial Aid:
Gregory Kane

Co-Director of Metrics:
John Liston, Sasha Zhang

Ali Dowd (Director), Jimmy Nguyen, Samir Nityanand, Mary Frailey, Adam Fogel, Tom Guilfoile, Zac Watson

Director of Creative:
Alexander Becker

Director of Social Media:
Vanessa Decembre

Soiree Director:
Brittany Cipriano

Co-Chairs of Culture and Kindness:
Nevin Raj, Daisy Zhang

Eric Walk (Director), Brett Gammon

Member At Large:
Arya Mehrabanzad, Brendan Hughes, Nikhil Mutalik, Peter Somich, Frankie Lam, Jessie Andrews, Kari-Elle Brown


Program Advisers:
Gavin Smith, Sarah Griffin, Ashley Davis

IDEA Task Force:
Chidi Agu, Ogochukwu Okoye, Isaacson Michel, Bianca Datta, Wendy Yang, Lindsay Woodson, Morgan Foreman, Makieya Kamara, Amber Mixon, Claudius Zorokong, Cinique Weekes

College Guidance Committee:
Mike Jin, Marvin Vilma, Stacey Menjivar