Our Program

Minds Matter is a three year program that begins in students’ sophomore year of high school. Minds Matter offers its students a combination of individualized mentor support, ACT preparation, group instruction and college summer programs to provide students with the resources, information and guidance they need to gain admission to, enroll in and graduate from four-year colleges.

Minds Matter students join our program as sophomores in high school and receive the following: 

  • Individualized mentor support: focused support from two dedicated mentors students every Saturday. Mentors and students build strong relationships and work together to help achieve the students' academic and personal goals.

  • Professional ACT preparation: differentiated, small- group instruction led by Princeton Review tutors that cover testing strategies for all 4 subject tests every Saturday.

  • Professional writing instruction: program introduced in program year 2016-17 to strengthen students' writing and critical thinking skills while teaching them to advocate for social change. 

  • Group academic instruction: in-class instruction focused on college prep facilitated by Team Leads and mentors. 

  • Access to experts on college admissions & financial aid: outside speakers who specialize in college selection, admission and financial aid processes present to mentors and mentees in junior and senior year.

  • Summer enrichment programs: opportunity to attend two rigorous summer academic programs at top-tier institutions to explore their educational interests. 

Key Facts & Figures

  • We serve 10th, 11th, and 12th graders

  • 2:1 Mentor to Student ratio

  • Program runs from October - May

  • Students receive over 300 hours of outside-of-school learning

2017 – 2018 Academic Year:

  • 20 Boston & Cambridge Area schools represented

  • 88 Students (31 Sophomores, 30 Juniors, 27 Seniors)

  • +200 Volunteers involved

2017-2018 Program IMPACT

  • On average, Sophomores and Juniors saw a 19% increase on their ACT composite and 19% increase in their writing skills (as measured by the Common Core State Standard Writing Rubric) after one year of instruction

  • 96% of Sophomores and Juniors attended a college-prep summer program

  • 100% of Seniors gained admission to a 4-year college or university

    • 82% of Seniors were accepted to a college in Barron’s top three tiers

    • 53% of Seniors gained admission to Top 50 schools

  • The average Senior received $45,000 in first-year financial aid, meeting 93% of their financial need

  • 100% of Seniors believed MMB who played a major role in preparing them for college

  • 93% of Minds Matter Boston alumni are still enrolled or have graduated from a 4-year college

Top Colleges ATTended by 2018 Graduates

  • American College

  • Amherst College

  • Boston College

  • Bowdoin College

  • Bryn Mawr College

  • Dartmouth College

  • Howard University

  • Northeastern University

  • Tufts University

  • Vassar College

  • Wellesley College