Mentoring is the heart of Minds Matter’s vision for change.

We believe that the sustained presence of an adult in the life of a student can generate transformative outcomes, both personal and academic. Every student in the program is matched with two volunteer mentors, who support, challenge, and celebrate their student during his or her journey to college success.

Every week, triads (you, your-co mentor, and your student) work through the Minds Matter curriculum, which guides students through exercises to develop the hard and soft skills they need to succeed in college. Mentors commit to following their student throughout their three years in the program. Together, triads form the backbone of a student’s experience in Minds Matter.


The opportunity to make an impact on a student’s life comes with important responsibilities. When working with or on behalf of youth, one of the key components to building trust is showing up. Commitment is key to our program—your presence, proactive communication, and conscientiousness are what makes Minds Matter Boston work.

What does this commitment look like?

  • Mentoring sessions take place on Saturdays from October - May on MIT campus from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

  • There are approximately 25 sessions throughout the school year. Mentors are expected to attend 80% of those sessions.

  • Mentors should be prepared to commit to two-three years as volunteers as they follow their student through the college-access program.

Mentor Applications ARE closed!

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a mentor with Minds Matter Boston? Please get in touch with to learn more. Applications will open again in the spring of 2020.