SPOTLIGHT #2: Lizmery


SPOTLIGHT#2: Meet Lizmery, a sophomore at Margarita Muñiz Academy, the first dual language high school and Innovation School in the BPS family.

Lizmery's favorite writer is Junot Díaz, so when her mentor, Samaira, saw the Pulitzer Prize winning author at a restaurant, she asked for a personal note for her mentee.

"Lizmery-- hermanita! I hope this finds you well. Sending you light + respect. Find a good college! Do the travel abroad, fall in love on 3 continents - live."

Samaira's relationship with Lizmery goes beyond knowing just where she attends school and what her standardized test scores are. At Minds Matter, we encourage our mentors and mentees to form lasting friendships outside of their weekly Saturday sessions.