Letter from our Executive Director - 2019 Year in Review

Dear Friends of Minds Matter Boston, 

We have so much to be proud of this year. Our mission to help promising and driven low-income high school students achieve college success has had a positive and powerful impact on the lives of 94 students. Some highlights:

  • 100% of our participating seniors were accepted into a four-year college or university, including Boston College, Colby College, Dartmouth College, Lafayette College, Northeastern University and Tufts University.

  • 94% of their financial need was met through federal aid and scholarships.

This year, increasing national attention has been focused on the inherent inequities of our higher education system, as well as the unquestionable correlation between a college degree and economic mobility. We saw the extreme lengths that those in positions of power and privilege will pursue to ensure their own children can attend prestigious institutions. We recognize now more than ever the significant barriers our own students must overcome to achieve equal access. 

Minds Matter Boston is uniquely positioned to level the playing field for deserving, hard-working students whose educational opportunities are limited simply because of their zip code, income, and race. Knowing this, we are driven and inspired to do more and be better for our students. This past year, we:

  • Served our largest cohort to-date of 94 students and next year we aim to increase our enrollment by 5%.

  • Hired our second full-time employee, the remarkable Jada Alexander who is also a program alumni!

  • Secured $75k in new grant funding.

As I reflect on our accomplishments and the promise that lies ahead, I continue to be humbled knowing that the majority of our work is driven by a group of talented, dedicated, and diverse volunteers. This year, more than 200 volunteers provided more than 400 hours of out-of-school learning time to our students.

It was a busy and productive year but there is still much work to be done to ensure every student in Boston has equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. I’m energized by the momentum I see building in our public presence as more people come to recognize the need for our work and the unparalleled outcomes we have achieved. I invite you to review these in further detail in our FY2019 IMPACT REPORT.

None of this would be possible without our donors, friends, and volunteers. I know that together, with your support, Minds Matter Boston will rise to meet the new challenges and opportunities we face in the year ahead. Thank you.

Rachel Kanter
Executive Director